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Course Information
Course NumPDA-169556-17
TitleTCM OBGYN Fundamentals Part II: Physiology and Etiology
Course TypeDistance Learning or Online Points2
Expires6/20/2020 Categories
  • AOM OM
Instructors Daoshing Ni
DescriptionIn the physiology and etiopathology of women’s health, TCM presents a unique viewpoint and its own distinctive terminology. During this class, terms such as Essence, Blood, Tian Kui, Chong, Ren, Eight Extraordinary Channels, and Bao Gong will be illustrated. The concept and function of Ming Men is discussed in depth. The classical view of Seven Emotions etiology is presented, along with the corresponding modern clinical studies of emotional causes of diseases.
Provider Information
NameYo San University/Infinichi
Address13315 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066-5162