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Course Information
Course NumPDA-162984-7
TitleModern Pulse Diagnosis: Mobile ECG Based
Course TypeDistance Learning or Online Points12
Expires8/19/2021 Categories
  • AOM OM
Instructors Galina V. Roofener
DescriptionThis class illustrates a modern perspective on describing the TCM pulse through the interpretation of mobile ECG data. Palpation of the pulse is one of the important diagnostic signs used by East Asian traditional medicine practitioners to determine the state of Qi in the body. Recent developments in mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) devices provide an excellent resource for practitioners to have a convenient and affordable tool for an objective and reproducible pulse measure. An ECG is an accepted scientific test to detect the electrical activity of the heart. It can also be used to measure and interpret the state of Qi in the human body. We can determine the strength of Qi by measuring the strength of the electric impulse that is clearly visible as the height of the R wave spike on an ECG. We can also determine TCM heat or cold conditions by the pulse rate, which is automatically registered on an ECG. The ECG can be read through a TCM perspective to determine a pulse diagnosis.
Provider Information
NameAsian Therapies Academy
Address3181 W 11th St
Cleveland, OH 44109-1803